Permitted Burns Underway in West Kelowna

Image Credit: City of West Kelowna

West Kelowna Fire Rescue advises that two permitted, controlled burns are taking place in Tallus Ridge and the Westbank First Nation Community Forest.

Westbank First Nation is completing a 10-hectare wildfire mitigation project in their community forest in partnership with West Kelowna Fire Rescue; the project began in October 2014. Burns will continue over the next few weeks as conditions permit. In Tallus Ridge, the developer received a permit from the fire department to conduct wildfire mitigation burns in the Mountains Hollow Lane area; and, small cleanup burning can be expected over the next several days, conditions permitting.

Controlled burns are allowed in West Kelowna, on properties greater than one hectare, provided that a permit is obtained from West Kelowna Fire Rescue, the Venting Index is 65 or better, and the Air Quality Index is listed as good. Up to date Venting and Air Quality Index information is available by calling 1-855-262-BURN (2876).

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