Park obtains more colourful friends to roam free on grounds

The number of colourful creatures roaming around the B.C. Wildlife park will soon increase.

The park acquired three peahens - female peacocks - from the Calgary Zoo earlier this month and they are expected to join their other colourful counterparts on the property sometime next week.

They are currently quarantined until they are cleared to be released onto the property.

"We've had two males on the property for years," said Tara Geiger, animal care supervisor at the park. Peacocks are one of the few species to roam free on park grounds.

"Peacocks are one of the animals that tend to do better free-roaming," Geiger said.

Marmots, native to the area also run freely on the property.

"We have some species that kind of make their way into the park that are naturally found here in the surrounding area," Geiger said.

General manager of the park, Glen Grant, said there have never been problems with free-roaming animals at the park, including peacocks.

"They've been free-range for over 20 years," he said.

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