Okanagan Skaha School District and College sign agreement, expanding opportunities for international students

PENTCTION - Students from around the world who choose Penticton as their destination for an international education will benefit from a new partnership between School District 67 and Okanagan College.

Superintendent Wendy Hyer joined Russel Boris, the College’s Director of International Education, today to sign a memorandum of understanding, which will pave the way for a closer working relationship between the two organizations in an effort to make the transition from secondary to post-secondary easier for students.

“Many international students come to B.C. with the intention of remaining in Canada to pursue post-secondary,” explained Hyer. “Once they experience life in Penticton, they want to stay in the region and understanding they have options for post-secondary right here at Okanagan College is valuable in their planning and decision-making.”

The College and School District have been working together for many years but the MOU takes the working relationship one step further. With an intent to promote academic linkages through greater cooperation, the MOU will be of benefit to students who wish to remain in Penticton to pursue further education and training after completing high school.

Boris says the partnership is a win-win for both the School District and College but says those who benefit most from this kind of cooperation are the students, both international and domestic.

“As partners in international education, we want to encourage more international students to choose Penticton as their destination for studying,” said Boris. “There is no question that a close working relationship between the School District and the College is a good thing for international students. But equally as important are the opportunities that open up for domestic students. We are preparing students to succeed in an increasingly global workplace and studying shoulder-to-shoulder with students from different countries enhances the learning experience.”

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