No fooling ICBC with fake IDs

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Getting fake ID from ICBC isn't as easy as it used to be.

Harj Sekhon, 18, thought he had his ticket to get into American bars when he used his older brother's identification to trick ICBC.

Instead of getting the new ID in the mail, he got a call from the RCMP.

Sekhon pled guilty today in Kamloops Provincial Court to one charge of personation with intent to gain advantage after ICBC figured out the plan. Actually, it was ICBC's computers that found it out through facial recognition software. It detected a mismatch between Sekhon's face and his brothers.

But while Sekhon risked losing his job just to get into American bars where the legal age is 21, Judge Stella Frame let him off with a shake of a finger.

"There was no harm going to come of this," said defence lawyer John Hogg. It wasn't a case of identity theft.

Crown and defence suggested an absolute discharge for the T.R.U. student, bank teller and bookkeeper. He visits the U.S. regularly on business.

"You're kidding me," Frame said. "That's an awful lot of hard work—years and years of risk—to get into a bar."

She told him to "put all that intelligence to work."

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