New parking meters tested out in Vernon

This is the new kind of parking meter the City of Vernon is testing out free of charge.
Image Credit: SOURCE/City of Vernon

You’ll be able to use a credit card in the new parking meters being installed starting on Tuesday, July 2.

They should be up and running a week later in downtown Vernon.

The meters are going in along 30th Avenue in the 3200 block (where CIBC is located) and in the 3100 block (by the Royal Bank). 

The meters will take toonies, loonies, quarters and credit cards. No dimes or nickels though. With a credit card, you have to buy a minimum of one our of time. A quarter will get you 15 minutes.

“The new credit card reading meters are being trialed and will give extra convenience to the public and allow us to replace some of the meters that don’t accept the newly minted coins or the new rates,” says Clint Kanester, the manager of bylaw enforcement.

The city says the meters are solar powered. They’ll notify the bylaw officers if they’re jammed or aren’t working. The meters can also analyze data, like what types of coins are being used, the parking space used and credit card use.

IPS Group Inc. and Mackay Meters are installing in the new parking meters free of charge. The bylaw officers are also getting free training on how to operate and maintain them.

The city is looking for your feedback and have set up a website to get your opinion.

Check out a 360 degree look at the kind of meter Vernon is testing out.

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