German minister says plight of stranded Syrians 'a scandal'

KUFR SUM, Jordan - Germany's development minister says it's "a scandal" that more than 70,000 displaced Syrians are going hungry and thirsty in a remote desert area on the border with Jordan as the world looks on.

Gerd Mueller on Wednesday urged more countries to step up to help millions of Syrian refugees. He says "this appeal is especially directed at the Arab world, countries like Qatar."

Mueller spoke during a tour of German-funded projects for refugees in Jordan. Some 5 million Syrians have fled the civil war since 2011, most settling in Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon.

In June, Jordan sealed its border after a car bombing, leaving thousands of Syrians without regular access to food, water and medicine.

Mueller says their plight "is a scandal" and that the world has to help them.

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