Man yells at police to shoot him

KAMLOOPS – A call to a domestic dispute became ugly Tuesday evening as a man turned on police, trying to go after an officer's gun and yelling at police to shoot him.

Around 7 p.m. RCMP were called to a home on 13th Street near Lethbridge Avenue on the North Shore where a 45-year-old man was in a physical altercation with a man and a woman in the house. When police arrived they spoke with the man outside before he suddenly came at one of the officers wanting the gun and yelling at the officers to shoot him.

Police were able to subdue the man before he was able to access the gun and he was taken into custody. It was not immediately clear if he would be released or held in custody.

Cpl. Cheryl Bush says that while it is not clear whether the man was looking for suicide by police, he was yelling at officers to shoot him.

“What his intentions were I couldn't say beyond that,” Bush notes.

She is still waiting on reports about the “convoluted” scenario but says police are looking at charges of assault, uttering threats and assault of a police officer.

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