Man is mother to 13 ducklings

Image Credit: YouTube

Matthew Sargent's neighbour Rick rescued 13 duck eggs when the mother duck was killed.

Rick put them in an incubator and hatched them.

The ducklings imprinted on him and the rest is history.

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Leslie John McCulloch, 39, and Rebekka Rae White, 27, have been charged in connection with a warehouse where police seized a massive amount of fentanyl in March, 2016.
Bail granted to West Kelowna man who laced pills with fentanyl
WEST KELOWNA – A West Kelowna man who has pleaded guilty to charges related to the production of more than 1,000 pills laced with fentanyl out of a warehouse last year, has been released on bail. Leslie John McCulloch, 38, was arrest

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