Mexico City rounds up gypsy cabs after Spaniard killed

MEXICO CITY - Police and inspectors in Mexico City have rounded up 80 gypsy cabs on the capital's west side, where a Spanish woman was abducted and later killed after getting in an unregistered taxi last month.

The city's inspection agency says the unlicensed cabs were taken to impound lots Tuesday after being caught around the upscale Santa Fe neighbourhood.

Maria Villar Galaz got into what she believed was a taxi in Santa Fe on Sept. 13. A man entered the car and immobilized her with a stun gun. She was held for ransom and her body was found Sept. 15. The driver was arrested last week.

Mexico City had made progress in making cabs safer since a wave of taxi crimes in the 1990s and 2000s, but gypsy cabs have since proliferated.

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