Lottery winning retiree brings home the bacon

Walter Klym and his wife plan to share some of their $500,000 winnings with family before heading to the car lot, June 23, 2014.
Image Credit: BCLC

KAMLOOPS - A retiree is $500,000 richer today by simply following a routine task of mailing a letter and buying a lottery ticket.

Walter Klym bought the BC/49 ticket playing the Extra feature as he usually does, and went home. The next morning he headed to Coopers Foods on Brock to buy groceries for breakfast and decided to check his ticket at a self checker while waiting in line. The display showed a five followed by multiple zeros.

"I had to check it again," he said in a media release. "It started to sink in when the retailer said the terminal had frozen and I would have to call BCLC."

Klym went home to tell his wife.

"I've been playing BC/49 since it came out and have won a few little amounts like $10. I always play the Extra. I guess I'm still hoping to win the jackpot one day."

Klym bought his winning ticket at Shoppers Drug Mart on Tranquille Road in Kamloops.

He wants to share the prize with his children and grandkids before buying himself a new vehicle.

"My knees are still weak," Klym said. "I can't believe this has happened to me. I feel very lucky. My wife is still in shock."

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