Tribute paid to councillor Patrick Nicol

VERNON - The life of a long standing Vernon councillor was honoured today.

Hundreds gathered for Patrick Nicol’s funeral at Trinity United Church for a near two hour service filled with words from friends, colleagues and family.

Nicol passed away January 15 after a long battle with Leukemia.

Many spoke of his good natured humour, his tireless dedication to making Vernon a better place, and his generosity toward those in need.

Nicol worked in radio broadcast for many years, and his favourite songs, including ‘Let it Be’ were played during the service.

Last summer following an emergency trip to the hospital, Nicol wrote out wishes for his funeral. He asked that it be a cheerful celebration, not a sad one. He wanted it it be filled with music.

Stay tuned for a full story on the service tomorrow.


Community honours councillor Patrick Nicol - Infotel News

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