Lion scares the pants off family

Image Credit: YouTube

It turns out some of the lions in this particular pride in South Africa know how to open car doors.

Joshua Sutherland's family, especially his sister, where rather suprised by that fact.

The video, from a year ago, has just recently gone viral with over a million views.

Also today on Trending Now, Jimmy Kimmel has received some nasty tweets about his fake PSA targetting people who don't feel the need to vaccinate their children. We've included both videos in case you missed the angry doctors PSA the first time around. Kelly Ripa tells Seth Myers she thinks Jennifer Lopez is the most exciting celebrity sighting. Dame Helen Mirren talks to David Letterman about playing Queen Elizabeth on Broadway, and actor Ansel Elgort, from the movie The Fault in Our Stars, tells Jimmy Fallon his mom embarrassed him in front of Bruce Willis.

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