Lawsuit launched against BC Hydro over smart meters

VANCOUVER - The fight against the installation of BC Hydro's smart meters has been given a new jolt with the launch of a class-action lawsuit by a woman from Saltspring Island, B.C.

Nomi Davis is suing BC Hydro for installing the metre that records power consumption at her home last year even though she refused to have a smart metre installed.

Court documents say Davis was concerned about the device's high-frequency emissions, and when she asked the company to remove it, Hydro instead threatened to cut off the electrical supply.

The lawsuit demands that BC Hydro remove meters from homes where people don’t want them.

Earlier this month, B.C.'s energy minister announced that people who want to opt out of smart meter installation can, but it will cost them an extra $20 a month plus other maintenance fees.

The government's move was prompted by public concerns that the meters' radio waves, which help transmit data to BC Hydro computers and allow consumers to monitor their energy use, have health risks.

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