Large pipe on the loose in Okanagan Lake

Boaters are being warned to watch out for this 25-year-old storm outfall pipe.

Boaters are being cautioned to watch out for a rogue storm outfall pipe on Okanagan Lake.

Ed Stranks, engineering development manager for the City of Vernon, says the pipe was discovered bobbing at the surface Tuesday. The pipe, floating near Adventure Bay, is now marked with buoys to prevent boaters from colliding with it.

"We don't know how close the rest of the pipe is to the surface at this time," Stranks says. "The city is requesting that boaters exercise caution and stay away from the area until works are complete."

He advises boaters to steer well around the pipe, which normally lies on the lake bottom. A storm Monday night could have been the catalyst for the 25-year-old pipe to pull loose, Stranks says, noting the material should last 50 years.

A diving company will be examining the pipe later today to determine what works are required. Stranks says the pipe might not be fixed by the long weekend, which is why it's important to get the word out now.

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