Kelowna airport bound Christmas travelers delayed by ice storms in East

Image Credit: Judy Proskiw

KELOWNA – If you’re making plans to pick up a family member or friend coming home to the Thompson-Okanagan for Christmas, better double check the arrivals at the Kelowna Airport.

The storms that have been hammering Eastern Canada over the last couple of days are delaying and cancelling flights left and right.

It’s the freezing rain that is making life miserable. Hundreds of thousands of people are without power.

Toronto Hydro says roughly 250,000 people don’t have electricity. Some might not have their power back before Christmas Day.

The airports from Toronto, through Montreal, to Newfoundland are full of anxious passengers. Some are stranded and hoping to get new flights home, while others are arriving at the airports hoping their flights have only been delayed and not cancelled.

Several flights from Eastern Canada to Kelowna or even flights from the east connecting through Vancouver to Kelowna have been delayed.

If you’re planning to fly out of Kelowna, be aware that departing flights are also affected.

The best advice is to check the arrival and departure lists before heading to the airport.

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