Kamloops RCMP reminds boaters to be safe

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Warmer weather means it’s time to enjoy the sun and have fun on the water. Kamloops RCMP reminds boaters to think about marine safety and plan ahead.

Before you go boating always: inspect your boat; monitor the weather; know the local hazards; have safety gear on board in case of a leak or if you need to alert others in case of an emergency; let someone know your navigation plans if going by yourself; always wear your life jacket. Everyone who operates a power-driven pleasure craft must carry proof of competency on board.

Drinking and driving, whether on land or water, is illegal and punishable under the Criminal Code. It is well known that drinking and taking to the water can lead to dangerous situations. Operators are responsible for the safety of their guests and should consider other users of the waterway.

Watch your speed. Don’t race to the lake, and don’t race on the lake. Speed is a major contributor to incidents on the roadways and on the water. Slow down.

Be prepared to react in an emergency. Know how to recover someone who has fallen overboard. Know how to survive in cold water if you are overboard.

Before you go boating read the Safe Boating Guide on Transport Canada’s website.

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