Kamloops postal workers to speak with (most) federal candidates tonight


KAMLOOPS — Local postal workers are planning to get together with local federal election candidates tonight, Aug. 26 for a meeting to discuss the end of door-to-door mail service in Kamloops with one notable exception: incumbent Conservative Cathy McLeod.

Under her party's control, the Canada Post announced Kamloops would be one of the next locations to dissolve door-to-door service and replace it with community mailboxes. The update is expected by next summer.

Local union representative Lara Plummer says the union organized the meeting ‘right away’ after hearing Kamloops residents complain about the change in service.

“People were saying they were mad and didn’t like it,” she said.

Plummer says the meeting will be an open forum to hear ideas from candidates and residents on how to deal with the change. Discussion will surround potential issues from the new community post boxes, such as snow removal, location and accessibiity.

Liberal Steve Powrie, NDP Bill Sundhu and Green Matt Greenwood all plan to attend the event. Plummer says she hasn’t received an RSVP from Conservative candidate Cathy McLeod.

The meeting will take place at Desert Gardens, 540 Seymour Street at 7 p.m.

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