Kamloops Long Blade Speed Skating club does well at Provincials

Image Credit: Kamloops Long Blades

KAMLOOPS - On the weekend, the Kamloops Long Blades speed skating club hosted the fifth annual Coyote Cup. 

There were 124 skaters competing from across the province. 

The Long Blades did well in all divisions.

In Division 1, the youngest skaters, all four skaters took home gold: Kayleigh Roberts, Lucy Wiltshire, and Yael Van der Merwe of the Long Blades, as well as Tessa Duncan of Fort St James earned gold.

In Division 2, there were seven groups. Kamloops Long Blades captured 2 of 7 golds, with Evan Columbus and Hailey Wright earning gold.

Division 3 had four groups. Dawson Doern and Taien Chard earned gold for the Long Blades.

In Division 4, which had three groups, the Long Blades swept the golds. Adam Turner, Keaton Birkenhead and Rebecca Thomas all earned gold.

There were six groups in Division 5. Long Blades skater Leah Turner earned gold in her group.

In Division 6, Long Blades took 4 of 7 golds. Isaiah Jessie Uribe, Vlad Demishkevich, Teagan Lawhead, and Cameron Thomas all earned gold.

In Division 7, the oldest junior skaters and the masters, had three groups. Long Blades took gold in both the Junior Male by Thomas Keijzer, and the Junior Female by Holly Antifay.

Complete results for all 124 skaters can be found at: http://www.kamloopslongblades.ca/index.php?page=competitions

The top skaters from across the province will be in Kamloops again in a month’s time. That’s when the Long Blades lost the Provincial Short Track Championships March 5 and 6 at McArthur Island.

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