ELECTION 2015: Kamloops councillor brings 'Heave Steve' to council meeting

Councillor Donovan Cavers proudly showing off his 'Heave Steve' t-shirt in council chambers.

KAMLOOPS - A Kamloops city councillor used a very public outlet to let everyone in town know who he’s not voting for in the upcoming federal election.

Donovan Cavers wore a t-shirt during a city council meeting today, Oct. 6, which read 'Heave Steve' with a cartoon Stephen Harper being carried off in in a garbage can.

“I’m wearing it because I want to promote the election for one. I hope that there’s very good voter turnout. It’s kind of comical, usually politics is very serious so I thought it was a funny t-shirt,” Cavers says. “I wouldn’t wear a t-shit that had a big ‘X’ or something really hard core. It’s satirical.”

Cavers does not believe the shirt was inappropriate as it wasn’t meant to convince voters to vote in a certain way.

“I’m not telling people exactly who I’m voting for,” Cavers says, adding he’s pretty sure that people in Kamloops already know where his allegiances lay. “I know that I will be voting for a party other than the Conservatives this election."

Coun. Marg Spina agrees Cavers political leanings are well known in town but thinks some people might find the shirt offensive. 

"People out there might be offended by that," Spina says. “We want people to vote. It doesn’t matter what they vote for but we want them to get out and vote.”

Cavers ran federally for the Green Party in 2008.

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