Kamloops artist ready to take on other masters in international art competition

Artist Denny Cound and one of his creations.
Image Credit: Denny Cound

KAMLOOPS - A local artist will be competing in the biggest art show of his life next year.

Denny Cound, CP Rail engineer by day and carver by night, was recently accepted into a contemporary art competition set for May 21, 2016 in Montagnac, France.

The Art Tour International magazine Masters Awards includes the top sixty masters of contemporary art.

Cound admits to being both shocked and very excited about his big break, but balks at being called a master of contemporary art.

“As a humble artist I don't really see myself like that," he says.

He is passionate about wildlife conservation and was inspired while driving a CP train through places like Rogers Pass where he observed animals in their natural habitats.

Cound makes unique carvings out of soap stone and alabaster, but also out of moose antlers, deer horn and even skulls of bears and coyotes. 

He hasn’t yet decided if he’ll submit an existing piece for the contest or create something new.

Cound has had to turn down a similar competition in Argentina in order to travel to France. Last year, he was also chosen to create the award for both the Okanagan Arts Awards the Kamloops Mayor’s Gala.

Image Credit: Contributed/Cound Creations

Image Credit: Contributed/Cound Creations

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