IN PICTURES: The week in Kamloops

Christmas lights are on full display with less than a week left before the holiday.

KAMLOOPS - The week started off with above normal temperatures and fun festive activities before cooling down over the week and preparing the city for a white Christmas.

Sun Peaks hosted Santa's Alpine Visit and Urban Rail Jam Saturday. Dozens of people took in the jam at one end of the village while many more waited in line to visit with Santa at the other end. Elves and horses and puppies also played in the village during the late afternoon party.

Back in Kamloops temperatures soared to well above normal, melting much of the snow that had accumulated the week before. The warm weather also brought fog and then amazing sunrises before the snow made a strong return Friday.

Christmas lights are on display throughout the city as well, and worth a tour through many of the neighbourhoods during the holidays.

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