IN PICTURES: Holiday season, crisp weather and a mock disaster at the hospital

Hospital staff executed a code orange drill involving more 90 patients (actors) involved in a train crash and explosion Thursday.

KAMLOOPS - It was a typical week in Kamloops, if heavy frost, Christmas carols and a mock disaster are what can be considered typical.

After a cold snap last week, more moderate temperatures greeted us throughout this week but were accompanied by a mix of fog and frost. The weather offered the perfect setting for people to enjoy one of the many craft fairs taking place, finish decorating their homes for the Christmas season and take in the Lights in the Night festival downtown. The official tree lighting ceremony was well attended thanks to the moderate temperatures and hundreds of people descended on St. Andrews on the Square for the event.

This week Royal Inland Hospital also held a mock code orange to assess how well prepare staff is to handle a mass casualty event. About 90 actors, many nursing students at Thomspon Rivers University, joined staff members in acting out a scenario involving a train collision involving upwards of 2,500 people.

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