Improvements coming for Hwy 33 hairpin

Image Credit: Google Maps

KELOWNA - The Liberal government is shelling out for a few simple improvements to the 8 Mile Curve on Hwy 33 with motorist safety in mind.

New LED chevron signs, an upgrade to the overhead flashing advisory signs and improvement of the static curve warning signs will cost an estimated $195,000. The project is expected to be complete by the end of September.

It's expected the improvements will allow motorists time to check and correct their speed on approaches to the sharp 8 mile curve ahead, thus reducing the number of crashes.

The hairpin curve of Hwy 33 has been the location of numerous accidents over the years. The most recent happened July 16 when a large truck carrying drums of oil flipped on its side. The posted speed in the area is 30 km/h, but the truck was moving at about 60 km/h as it came into the turn.


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