How to cross the street


KAMLOOPS - The police car turns off its flashing lights and drives up the Summit Connector. An unsuspecting student thinks the coast is clear and crosses, scurrying quickly across the road right past a sign warning jaywalkers will be ticketed.

"They'll cross right where the sign is," says Cpl. Brian O'Callaghan, conducting pedestrian safety enforcement at TRU this week in Kamloops. "It's ironic."

The student is handed a $121 fine for disobeying — one of 24 students caught and ticketed in one day this week.

It's not all about the tricks or tickets though. Police are out targeting pedestrians this week because the days are getting shorter, and they're concerned for pedestrian safety.

Not that everyone takes it well. One person tried to run away, one started crying and chastised police, one spotted the trap and pointed, waved and yelled at others. Another more masochistic student just sat back and watched in enjoyment after enduring his own fine. It was entertaining to watch. But before you get all hot-headed about your ticket, here are some things pedestrians should consider.

We've compiled recent pedestrian incidents into this map shown below.

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