How one man justifies child pornography

A convicted of possessing child porn would prefer seeing images or videos of older youths. This information was released during a pre-sentence report at Penticton Provincial Court today.


PENTICTON - At least babies were off-limits for a man convicted of possessing child pornography.

A psychiatric assessment discovered Garry Schakel, 49, of Penticton, would not look at or would avoid images of infants in sexual situations when he went looking for child porn, Crown prosecutor Catherine Crockett said.

She told a Penticton Provincial Court judge on Monday Schakel would prefer images and videos of youth from ages 12 to 15 years old. He believed their sexual encounters could consensual and could decline to participate in sexual activity—unlike babies, of course.

Crockett said Schakel was co-operative with police after his arrest for the offence of possession of child pornography. He managed of a computer recycling centre, and would download the porn onto flash drives and take them home with him.

He pled guilty to possessing child porn while two counts of importing or distributing child pornography were stayed.

Judge Gale Sinclair sentenced Schakel to 90 days in jail which will be served on weekends at the Penticton RCMP detachment and ordered him to supply a DNA sample to the police and prevented him from accessing the Internet. Schakel said he did not need the Internet at his job.

During his sentence Schakel can have no contact with anyone under age 16. He also must maintain this distance during his three-year probation period.

For 10 years, he must also avoid places where children are known to frequent. The judge did allow him access to large park areas.

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