Hot weather reopens splash park

The city has reopened the water park at Albert McGowan in anticipation of temperatures reaching as high as 33 Celsius by the end of the week.

KAMLOOPS – Get out the sunscreen and bathing suits — the sun is back in full force and so is the heat.

If Environment Canada has it right we could see some broken records as temperatures in Kamloops are expected to reach between 29 and 33 Celsius everyday over the next six days, well above the 23 C that is normal at this time of year. 

So far we have averaged just over 28 C as a daily high this month and that average will likely go up with an expected high of 29 C today and then 32 C Wednesday. Saturday is forecast for the warmest high of the week with temperatures expected to reach 33 C.

The high temperatures expected this week have also led to the city reopening the Albert McGowan water park from 12-7 p.m. everyday through the end of the week.

In 2011 a record high of 33.3 C was set for Sept. 10. That year the city also reopened the splash park as temperatures reached into the 30s for nine straight days (Sept. 4-12.) The highest temperature on record for September in Kamloops is 34.6 C, set in 1998.

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