Highlights of August 26 Kelowna City Council meeting

Energy Diet
Council agreed to support FortisBC’s Okanagan Energy Diet and provide $25 per home, for up to 1,000 Kelowna homes that take part. The program contributes to the City’s commitment to improve energy efficiency in existing buildings by reducing energy consumption. For more information about the ener-vention, go to FortisBC.com/energydiet.

Airport Fees
Council approved amendments to the Airport Fees and Charges Bylaw that will allow the City’s Marketing and Advertising Agency of Record to sell ad space on the Airport’s behalf. Seventy per cent of the ad revenue will be paid to the airport.

Draft City Park Concept Plan
Council directed staff to work with Tourism Kelowna to explore ways to reduce the size of the proposed building, as well as its associated impacts and to report back to Council.

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