Heads-up Vernon cyclists and drivers

The City of Vernon is reminding cyclists and drivers to keep their heads up.

Be seen, be safe and be lit. Cyclists, it’s that time of year to fear-up and get ready for cycling to school, work and trips around town.

·         Wear a white head light or have a bright light on your front handle bar turned on at all times.
·         Wear white, bright reflective clothing.
·         Heads Up at intersections.
·         Look both ways.
·         Stop, look and listen.
·         Make eye contact with drivers before you cross.
·         Avoid distractions.

Drivers: be alert for cyclists, especially at intersections, and in low light.
·         Avoid distractions.
·         Watch for vehicles slowing down around you.
·         Heads Up and look out for each other.

For more, visit www.vernon.ca/vernonmoves.

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