Gas stations lacking love for Kamloops drivers

Some gas stations had jumped up to 123.9 per litre as of noon of Thursday, but that didn't deter some motorists from filling up.

Valentine's Day just got a bit more expensive, with gas prices shooting up 12 cents per litre in some locations today.

Travellers who didn't fill up this morning may be surprised to see prices that were hovering around the 111.9 mark this morning now hiked to 123.9 cents per litre or more. And while filling the tank might seem like it costs a lot here in Kamloops, it's still a bit better than it is on the coast today. is posting 141.9 cents per litre at a Shell Station in Richmond. The cheapest gas in B.C. is at a Co-Op in Duncan for 107.4 cents per litre.

As of noon many stations were still sitting at 111.9 but some had jumped to 123.9. A handful of other stations could be found sitting somewhere in the middle.

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