Disappearance of playground fund shocks parents, students, at Surrey school

SURREY, B.C. - More than two years of fundraising for a new playground at a Surrey, B.C., elementary school appears to have been wiped out.

Surrey RCMP confirm they are investigating what are called "banking irregularities" in an account held by the parent advisory committee of K.B. Woodward Elementary.

A letter from the advisory committee to school parents says the committee's bank account has been cleaned out and recovery of the cash may be "unlikely."

Surrey School District spokesman Doug Strachan describes K.B. Woodward as an inner city school and says the loss of up to $30,000 is devastating for the community.

He says the fund raising amounted to a lot of hard work and many people have been hurt by the disappearance of the assets.

The bank account is held solely by the parent advisory council at K.B. Woodward and has no connection to the school district or the elementary school. (News1130)

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