PHOTOS: Fog and valley cloud replaced by crisp, clear airmass Sunday

Image Credit: Jennifer Stahn

OKANAGAN - Environment Canada is calling for an end Sunday to the prolonged periods of low cloud, fog and calm winds that has settled into the Okanagan Valley over the past ten days.

A cold front is expected to move in from the north, pushing the stagnant ridge of high pressure out of the way. In it's place will be a blast of fresh, cool, dry air. The transition will be a bit turbulant, with northerly wind gusts of about 60 km/h and possible snow flurries over the higher terraine.

Winds will subside with the passage of the front with temperatures dropping to low single digits Sunday. Skies will clear and overnight lows will approach zero Sunday night, prompting the first widespread frost of the season. Low lying, frost prone areas areas may experience below zero temperatures.

Dan Albas, member of Parliament for Okanagan-Coquihalla.
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