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FOERSTER TRIAL VIDEO: How Foerster's brother got him to confess

Matthew Foerster gets a hug from his brother in a police interrogation room.
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April 10, 2014 - 11:28 AM


WARNING: Some language used in this story may not be appropriate for all audiences

KELOWNA - Police had enough evidence to make an arrest in the murder of Taylor Van Diest but to find the truth, they had to hear the story from the only person who knew—the killer himself.

Without it, police had only DNA evidence and blood samples from his truck, perhaps enough for a charge of manslaughter. Getting Matthew Foerster to talk was crucial to a first degree murder conviction because he revealed his true intent on Oct. 31, 2011—he was 'looking for sex.' They didn’t need an elaborate ruse to coax the information out of him: He’d never been in prison, knew nothing about police tactics and his constant weeping and sighing was indication enough he was no hardened criminal.

Foerster was arrested in Collingwood, Ontario and by the time he got to Kelowna for his interview on April 6, 2012, he was scared and lonely enough to cry on the shoulders of skilled officers and accept them as trusted confidantes. On the wall in the room is an elaborate timeline of his criminal case and a photo of Van Diest.

But still he refused to give anything more than short, vague answers until they brought in a secret weapon—Foerster’s own brother who helped them coax a confession, essentially guaranteeing life imprisonment.

Foerster’s family loomed large in the background of the case. Mike Hangartner flew from Yukon to see his brother and played perhaps the greatest role in securing his conviction, helping police get him talking. Meanwhile Stephen Foerster, Matthew’s father, faces charges for aiding Foerster knowing he committed murder.

The video of that interview was released to Infotel News by Justice Peter Rogers. We make it available, with transcript, in two parts. Here, slightly edited, is the end of the interview, after Hangartner appears. Follow this link to see portions of the remaining video (edited to 33 minutes) and transcript to see how police got the information. But don’t be fooled. Police officers give him coffee, offer food, hug him and charm him. Some may find it frustrating to see him coddled, but the officers are doing what they must do to prepare him for what comes next.



DAVIDSON:         Hey Matt, I’ve got someone here to see you.

FOERSTER:         Holy fuck.  Mike.

HANGARTNER:   Hey.  Hey, Bro.  Hey buddy.  Love you Bro.  Hey, hey, hey, Matty.
                              Hey Brother.

FOERSTER:         (Crying) I love you man.

HANGARTNER:   I love you brother.  I’m here.  I’m here buddy, it’s okay.  I’m here, I’m
                              here.  It’s okay.

FOERSTER:         I missed you man.

HANGARTNER:   I missed you to Bro.  Sit down buddy, sit.

FOERSTER:         You can use that seat there.

HANGARTNER:   Yeah, Bro.

DAVIDSON:         You know what, why don’t I give you guys a couple minutes.

FOERSTER:         Yeah.

DAVIDSON:         Kay.  You okay with that Matt?

FOERSTER:         Yeah.

DAVIDSON:         Kay.  I think there is open a full bottle there to water to there Mike.


DAVIDSON:         Okay, I’ll come check on you guys in a few minutes.

HANGARTNER:   Yeah, you bet.

DAVIDSON:         Kay.

                              Sgt. DAVIDSON leaves room

FOERSTER:         (inaudible)

HANGARTNER:   Hey.  It’s okay, Buddy.  I don’t know what to say Matt.

                              Sgt. DAVIDSON into room

DAVIDSON:         Did you knock for me awh Mike?


DAVIDSON:         No, oh sorry, I thought I heard a bang.

HANGARTNER:   That’s okay.

DAVIDSON:         Everybody’s okay?  You guys are okay?

HANGARTNER:   Yeah, we’re okay.

DAVIDSON:         Yeah, Matt you know that uh, it’s like talking to me when you’re talking to Mike, right?

FOERSTER:         Yeah.

DAVIDSON:         Okay, buddy.  Everything is still recorded and that.

FOERSTER:         I understand.

DAVIDSON:         Kay.

                              Sgt. DAVIDSON leaves room

HANGARTNER:   Remember that time Buddy, when we were coming back from Haines,
                               and we were talking.

FOERSTER:         Yeah.

HANGARTNER:   And I said where’s that Matt that I I knew and we got in a bit of an
                              argument, man.

FOERSTER:         Yeah.

HANGARTNER:   You know I, I was always there Buddy and I could always have helped
                              you, you know.  With anything, Bro.

FOERSTER:         Yeah.

HANGARTNER:   I didn’t matter what it was.  You know.  I’m your brother man, I always
                               love you Matt.

FOERSTER:         I always knew that man.

HANGARTNER:   You know.

FOERSTER:         Yeah.

HANGARTNER:   You coulda talked to me.  You know.

FOERSTER:         I should have.

HANGARTNER:   Yeah, you should have Bro.

FOERSTER:         I wanted to go and see you for the longest time man.

HANGARTNER:   (inaudible) yeah.  Remember I said, you know, where’s that Matt?
                              Remember?  And I know your I know I know you’re my Matt, you know.

FOERSTER:         Yeah.

HANGARTNER:   And I don’t know what what’s bugging you or what’s wrong, but you
                              know, to get you help buddy.  We can still do that you know.  Whatever
                              whatever that is.  You know.  Look at how shitty my life was, you know.
                              And it’s just about gettin help.  You know, doing the next right thing
                              buddy.  And that’s what when I started turning my life around and that’s
                              when it started my you know, to do the next right thing and that’s what
                              what’s you gotta do man.  You know.

FOERSTER:         (inaudible) wish I (inaudible).

HANGARTNER:   What you feel, whatha gotta do in here man.  You know.  That part of
                              that Matty that I know that was still there, that I was trying to talk to in
                              that truck that day.  You know.  You know that [MOM]’s falling apart
                              right now.  That what whatever’s happened has not just hurt our family,
                              but a whole bunch of other people man.  You know.  Like when I think
                              of my [CHILD], and if something would happen to her, you know buddy,

FOERSTER:         Yeah.

HANGARTNER:   You know, but what you can do is you can give some piece of mind,
                              you know what I mean?  You know.

FOERSTER:         I love you bro.

HANGARTNER:   I love you too Matty.

FOERSTER:         Thanks for showing up.


FOERSTER:         Didn’t expect this.

HANGARTNER:   I came here just for you man.  I don’t give a fuck about anybody else, I
                              don’t care about anything else, man.  I’m here for you buddy.  You know
                              what I mean.

FOERSTER:         Fuck.

HANGARTNER:   You know.

FOERSTER:         Yeah.  It means a lot to me man.

HANGARTNER:   Yeah, man.  I changed your diapers man.  (Laughing) You know.

FOERSTER:         I know.

HANGARTNER:   You know I had big problems in my life too, and I there was times where
                               I just couldn’t see any way out.  And there’s always a way out man.

FOERSTER:         Yeah.

HANGARTNER:   You know, even when it seems so dark.  You know.  But I had to take
                              responsibility for the shit, you know.  And it might be tough and it might
                              seem hard, but I had to let it all go.  You know.  And whether it was
                              booze or the blow or whatever it was man, and the lies and all that shit
                              that was eating me up inside.  And it’s it’s like once you let it all out, and
                              get it in the light man, it’s it’s free man.  You just and and that’s the the
                              first step of getting rid of it, you know.  Because the only person you’re
                              hurting now, is yourself.

FOERSTER:         Yeah.

HANGARTNER:   Man, it’s just eating you up inside and last time I saw Justin, it was
                              eating him up inside and it’s not just about you man.

FOERSTER:         I know that.

HANGARTNER:   You know.  I know, and it’s killing itself just sitting here looking at you

FOERSTER:         It’s (inaudible).

HANGARTNER:   I know it is.  And it’s about guilt and shame and it doesn’t, and that’s
                              what hurts the most man.  You know.  And I know whatever it was that
                              made you do this, and or made you do that man.  And I’ve been
                              watching it in the news and it’s not the Matt that I know.

FOERSTER:         No.

HANGARTNER:   It ain’t.

FOERSTER:         It’s not me man.

HANGARTNER:   I know it’s not, but whatever that one little tiny piece is, it’s not,
                              remember that time we were on the phone and I said, oh, I’m the fuckin
                              the goof of the family.  And you were saying, no, not everybody thinks
                              that, man.  You said that to me on the phone.  It’s the same with you

FOERSTER:         Yeah.

HANGARTNER:   You know, I don’t look at you that way.  You’re my bro, you’re still my
                               Matt.  You know.

FOERSTER:         I can’t tell you what it is (inaudible).

HANGARTNER:   Yeah, man.  You know.

FOERSTER:         Hard for me to look into your eyes, man.

HANGARTNER:   It’s okay, man.  You know, you you when when it’s you start freeing
                              yourself and you start giving some answers to some people and you let
                              go of that you know.  You’re gonna give some piece of mind to some
                              people.  Just by giving them that sorry and that that piece of mind.  And
                              some they can sleep at night, you know.  Like I was saying about
                              [CHILD], if this was [CHILD], you know.  It would kill me Matty.

FOERSTER:         I know.

HANGARTNER:   It would kill me.  Or if it was [SISTER].

FOERSTER:         I know.

HANGARTNER:   You know.

FOERSTER:         And Justin.

HANGARTNER:   Yeah man.  What if?  I know if it was [SISTER], you and Justin and Steve
                              and fuck, I woulda been on a plane coming down here looking.  And it
                              doesn’t, you know.  As as men we’re given this gift to create life and
                              protect life.  Not to take it and and hurt.  You know. It’s a gift we’re
                              given.  And with that, we all make mistakes and we’re all human and
                              we’re all can get forgiveness man.  Like look at the shit I’ve done man.
                              Too, you know.

FOERSTER:         Yeah.

HANGARTNER:   It’s just different, that’s all.

FOERSTER:         I can’t believe it you made it down here man.

HANGARTNER:   Yeah, well, you know.  I know you were always thinking of me when I
                              made my mistakes.  I’ve been thinking about you.

FOERSTER:         Yeah.

HANGARTNER:   That’s all I’ve been doing, is thinking about you man.  I wish I woulda
                              talked to you more in that truck man.

FOERSTER:         I wish I came up to see you.  I shoulda stayed up there. 

HANGARTNER:   I wish you would’ve talked to me more man.  Cause just staying and not
                              talking doesn’t fix things, you know.  If you would’ve talked more,
                              maybe it is that the first girl?  This one here, Matt?  Cause not just doing
                              something about something doesn’t fix it, you know.

FOERSTER:         Yeah.  I’m just scared man.

HANGARTNER:   I know you’re just scared.  Like with my drinking, if I wouldn’t have just
                              never went to treatment, or if I woulda just never of gone to meetings or
                              I woulda just never have done any of that stuff or just never have talked
                              about it, it woulda never fix nothing.

FOERSTER:         Yeah.

HANGARTNER:   So if you would’ve just stayed in the Yukon, nothing woulda got fixed.
                              Something woulda still been broken.  Do you know what I mean?
                              Whether it was in Cherryville or Kelowna, it still woulda been broken
                              Matt.  Or in the Yukon.

FOERSTER:         I always felt like (inaudible) with you Mike.  I don’t know if that’s me there.  I always looked up to you man.

HANGARTNER:   Yeah.  I know bro.  The thing is is you’re a young man now, you can still
                              you can still fix things, you know.  But just in a different way.

FOERSTER:         Yeah.

HANGARTNER:   Because like you were saying, if you woulda just stayed, but if you you
                              don’t talk about things, you can’t fix them.  If you woulda maybe talked
                              about em before with me we coulda maybe got you help and fixed them

FOERSTER:         Yup, that’s what I should have done.

HANGARTNER:   Yeah, man.  But coulda woulda shoulda, we can still do something now.
                              You know.  You need to talk to me man.  Is it, know what I
                              feel bad about sometimes, did I do something?

FOERSTER:         No.

HANGARTNER:   You know, all my bullshit....

FOERSTER:         No.

HANGARTNER:   When I was an idiot and drinking and talking about strippers and bullshit
                              like that, did I take you down a bad path man?

FOERSTER:         No.

HANGARTNER:   I felt bad man.

FOERSTER:         No.

HANGARTNER:   I thought fuck, did I, show you a bad path.

FOERSTER:         No, it’s it’s not, don’t blame it on yourself.  Don’t blame yourself. I just uh, I guess I got a problem and I gotta deal with it.


FOERSTER:         But yeah, it’s it’s not you.  It’s nothing you did man.  You’ve always been my older brother looking out for me.

HANGARTNER:   That’s what all those phone calls were man.  Get yer ass outta
                              Cherryville and you know, go to school and bugging the shit outta you
                              all the time.

FOERSTER:         I know.

HANGARTNER:   You know.  But you still got options man.  You know.  You got options
                              by helping people still.  You’ve caused some damage, but you can still
                              help people.  We can help your mom, we can help Justin, we can help
                              Stefanie, we can help these families.  Just by doing the right thing.

FOERSTER:         Yeah.

HANGARTNER:   You know.  And that’s why I’m down here is to help you man.  And I
                              know you’re scared and I know it’s hard, but it’s you know, it’s some of
                              the best things in life, are the hardest things to do man.  I remember
                              (inaudible) bro.

FOERSTER:         I’m listening.

HANGARTNER:   I just I remember you being on the phone and telling me you were
                              proud of me for the shit I was doing in turning my life around, you know.
                              And you know, I know this is gonna be hard for you, but I know you can
                              do this shit too, bro.  You know.  You’ve affected some people in a
                              pretty rough way.  Even your mom and dad and everybody and now it’s
                              your opportunity to affect things and turn it and affect people in a good
                              way, man.

FOERSTER:         Yeah.

HANGARTNER:   You know.  Or maybe give something back that you’ve maybe taken
                              away.  And I know it’s not that Matt that I know man.  I woulda helped
                              you anytime man.  Mike, I’m fucked up, I wanna phone call.  And I
                              would’ve helped you man.  I wish I would’ve helped you more or
                              thought of something man.  Or saw something.  You know.

FOERSTER:         (inaudible) I shoulda got a hold of you earlier.  I know, I think back on those times going fishing and me, you and Justin.

HANGARTNER:   Oh yeah, (inaudible).

FOERSTER:         (inaudible)


FOERSTER:         That’s all I think about lately.

HANGARTNER:   Yeah.  Yeah.

FOERSTER:         You look good man.

HANGARTNER:   Uh, thanks.

FOERSTER:         Taking care of yourself?

HANGARTNER:   Yeah, hitting the gym, just got fifteen minutes months clean, sober, last

FOERSTER:         Yeah.


FOERSTER:         Yeah, I seen that.


FOERSTER:         It’s cool man.

HANGARTNER:   Yeah, that’s um, NA, AA, uh, “R” is for recovery and twelve’s for twelve
                              steps and then the acceptance.

FOERSTER:         Holy shit.


FOERSTER:         (inaudible) ...


FOERSTER:         Some thought put into that one.

HANGARTNER:   Oh yeah, I designed it, yeah.  And then the guy that did it, went to the
                              same recovery house I did.  He’s got seven years.

FOERSTER:         Wow.

HANGARTNER:   Yeah.  Yeah, man.  Yeah.  But, yeah.

FOERSTER:         So you came here just to see me?

HANGARTNER:   Yeah, man.  Yeah.

FOERSTER:         Are you heading back tonight then or tomorrow?

HANGARTNER:   I’m not sure, I’m just kinda playing it by ear.  It was a long long weekend
                              at work, so I got extra days off and it’s been all over the news and I’ve
                              been thinking about you Bro.

FOERSTER:         Fuckin locked up since Wednesday.


FOERSTER:         Are you gonna go see mom?

HANGARTNER:   I’m just kinda playing it by ear.  I mainly came to see you man.

FOERSTER:         I appreciate it man.


FOERSTER:         I did not expect that.

HANGARTNER:   Yeah.  Talk to me buddy.

                              Sgt. DAVIDSON into room

DAVIDSON:         How you guys doing?

HANGARTNER:   Okay man.

FOERSTER:         Doing okay?


DAVIDSON:         How you doing buddy? What’s that?

FOERSTER:         Hanging in I guess.

DAVIDSON:         Tough grind.  Good to see Mike?

FOERSTER:         Yeah.

DAVIDSON:         Yeah.  He’s a pretty good guy.

FOERSTER:         (inaudible).

DAVIDSON:         I can see why.  I can see why I told uh, Mike when I saw him here a little bit ago, that uh, when you heard his voice there, the first the first day there, you were immediately emotional, I thought this man was very important to this guy.  Absolutely.  I’m not exactly sure you know, to what extent or what to what Mike’s talked to you about.  Um, Mike we I’ve talked to to Matt.  I’ve been talking to Matt for a long time, obviously.  And I told him, the first ten minutes I saw him that that I believed in him and I believe in him. That uh, the way the story was playing out, probably wasn’t the way it was looking.  That you know, what I mean by that is, uh, you know some things happened that I don’t believe the way they were spinning, was exactly the way it was.  And uh, he’s come along way.  He has, he has taken ownership for for Taylor…  And what I was saying to him, was we I talked to him a little bit earlier about uh, um, AA and you know, NA and that and about how the big thing, right Matt, is is accepting that that there’s something there, right.  That there’s an issue and that there’s a problem right.  And then and then the second thing is, is you gotta you gotta wipe that slate.  It’s the only way you can come out of that dark place.  And uh, um, and he there’s things that have happened in this investigation that Matt has been steadied that aren’t true. That didn’t happen, or he didn’t do it.

                              .  .  .

                              Cause I told him that I wanted to be able to go to you, and now you’re here.  I wanna be able to go to Stefanie and be able to go to Justin and to Debra, his mom, and to Stephen his dad, and anyone else for that matter.  Jesse and all of them, and say that look, there’s a side of of a Matt that they may not have known about.  And uh, and that he’s taken ownership for that.  And and some of that, is dark.  It’s not it’s not nice.  And um, if you wanna stay in here with Matt and with me, and be part of that for his support and everything, uh, I think Matt would like that.  And if Matt says he doesn’t, and I know that uh, I’ve got a lot of time for you from what I’ve learned from you.  But I want you to be comfortable if if if Matt does talk about some things that aren’t very nice, if you’re okay with hearing that and if Matt, you’re okay…


DAVIDSON:         And it’s dark for him.  And I and I know that, and that’s and I and I feel that pain.  Um, one of the things I I haven’t told uh, Matt, a personal story about me.  Um, I did tell him about my uh, my older brother uh, his his daughter, my niece was murdered.  A couple years ago, back in (inaudible) and I did share that story with him and the pain my brother went through, but the other thing is, my brother was a serious serious uh, drug addict.  And was in jail for a long time.  And is a bad man.  Was a bad man, I shouldn’t say is, was.  And uh, so I’ve seen that.  I’ve seen you know I I cleaned his room and scrubbed his mattress and his wall where he tried to commit suicide.  Where he figured that was the better the better route.  But the reason I’m saying that is, that I’ve seen how hard it is to come out of that dark place.  He’s clean now.  He has a job.  He doesn’t have a family anymore, but uh, he’s doing his best.  But he’s he’s damaged goods, and he’ll be the first one to say that.  Because of all the pain that he’s been through.  But he’s an honest man now.  And he knows that.  So, that’s the strength that I think Matt gets from you.


DAVIDSON:         To do that.

HANGARTNER:   Yeah, when I took ownership and some responsibility in my life, that’s
                              when things started turning around for me.  And it made me feel better
                              that I did that.  And I put two and two together, when, after we had that
                              talk, in the truck.  And then with the stuff going on, so you can talk about
                              anything with me here, man.  And that’s one of the reasons I’m here, is
                              to support you too, buddy.  You know.

FOERSTER:         It sure means a lot.

HANGARTNER:   Yeah.  Yeah.

FOERSTER:         I don’t have ....

HANGARTNER:   Cause no matter what’s going on in there, you’re still my brother Matt.
                              And that’s the part of the getting help that I was trying to say.  Was
                              when you you let that out in the light, you know, and you expose it and
                              you take ownership for it, that’s the part of the healing man.  You know.

FOERSTER:         Yeah.

                              .  .  .

FOERSTER:         I don’t know what to say.  I don’t know.  I really don’t wanna talk about this.  (Sighs)

DAVIDSON:         Both Mike and I know you don’t wanna talk about it.  Cause it’s dark.  He’s come all the way from Whitehorse to be your pillar.

FOERSTER:         I can’t, I can’t talk about it.  It’s just too much.  Really ...

HANGARTNER:   Does it hurt (inaudible) don’t wanna say that in front of me.

FOERSTER:         I don’t wanna talk about it.

HANGARTNER:   Is it the shame.

FOERSTER:         Yeah.

HANGARTNER:   Cause you, cause it’s hard for you to see yourself even doing it?

FOERSTER:         Seeing other people in the fuckin jail cells and shit, I’ve run into last couple days.  I’m just like, it’s not me.  Like, I feel like I’m a good person, I just messed up.  And uh, sometimes I don’t know what I am doing till later I guess.

HANGARTNER:   That’s what I felt like when I heard all this stuff, man.  Like how could
                              my brother do this.

FOERSTER:         It’s like a fuckin bad dream or something, just wake up from.

DAVIDSON:         Mike when you were having all your hard times of darkness, were were you surprised that you were able to do the things you did?

HANGARTNER:   Oh yeah, I always when it got worse, I thought, oh, I could never do that
                              and then it got worse.

DAVIDSON:         Then you did it, right?

HANGARTNER:   Yeah, and then I ended up doing it.  Because I was always trying to
                              control something I couldn’t.

DAVIDSON:         Were you ashamed?

HANGARTNER:   Oh yeah.

DAVIDSON:         You didn’t wanna talk about it?


DAVIDSON:         How did you feel after you talked about it?


DAVIDSON:         Better in what sense?

HANGARTNER:   I didn’t have that guilt and that shame inside me anymore man.  And
                              then I knew when I got it out, it got me in a better direction.  It wasn’t
                              eating me up inside anymore buddy.

                              (PORTION REDACTED)

DAVIDSON:         I see why you love this guy and look up to him.  He’s a pretty wise man.  You’re gonna be wise just like him, isn’t he Mike?

HANGARTNER:   Yeah man.  That’s why, we’re you’re doing this right now, you know.

FOERSTER:         How am I gonna help myself, like I, yeah I know I have a problem.


FOERSTER:         Spending years in jail isn’t gonna help.

HANGARTNER:   I mean....

FOERSTER:         Dealing with the frigging guys in jail cell there.  One guys fuckin looney tune.  It’s not the answer.

HANGARTNER:   Oh, you can get counseling in there.  You know, you can get education
                              in there.  You can, you know.  There’s other outlets in there man.

FOERSTER:         Yeah.

HANGARTNER:   But continuing to do what you are doing, is definitely not the way to go.
                              And putting the pressure on your family that you’re doing.  You know.  If
                              you look at how out of control it’s getting Matty.  If you were keep doing
                              the things you’re doing, you you can’t control this anymore man.  You’re
                              gonna hurt more girls, you know.  More daughters out there like [CHILD]
                              or Stefanie.

                              (PORTION REDACTED)

FOERSTER:         Like I said, I can rem.....(inaudible).  After that happened with Taylor, I I said to myself, I promised myself, I wasn’t gonna do it anymore.

DAVIDSON:         Mmm.

FOERSTER:         I mean it.

HANGARTNER:   I believe you, because I’ve said that to myself for so much shit too, bro.
                              I believe that that’s that good part in you, that you’re telling yourself, that
                              that’s it.  I had enough, and I’m never doing that again.  I’ve done that.

FOERSTER:         After that happened, I felt sick.  Like I knew I had a problem.  It was like an epiphany at that point.  And I just I said to myself, I gotta stop.  This is just not, I’m going down the wrong track.
                              (PORTION REDACTED)

DAVIDSON:         I know.  Let’s talk about the one that caused your epiphany.  Let’s talk about the one that was the big turning point for you.  You went to Armstrong that afternoon.  What what was that all about?  What were you going to Armstrong for?

FOERSTER:         Just going for a drive really, that day and (sighs) happened to come across her and just….  That’s when it happened.  Cause things went to far to her.

DAVIDSON:         So were you driving or walking when you saw her?  You said you came across her.

FOERSTER:         I was walking when I seen her.

DAVIDSON:         Kay.  Where did you see her?

FOERSTER:         Just off the road.

DAVIDSON:         Where was she walking?

FOERSTER:         To where it happened.

DAVIDSON:         Kay, so she was heading toward the railroad tracks?  Or was she on the tracks?

FOERSTER:         She was heading.

DAVIDSON:         Heading.  So you started to follow her?  Kay.  Take me through that.  Tell me everything, it’s really important.  If that’s your turning point in life, it was only a short time ago.  Tell me everything that happened.  No blackouts.  No, I don’t wanna talk about that.  Mike’s ready for it.  Take his strength.  Start from the beginning.  So you see her, you start following her.  You said you were stalking her you said.

HANGARTNER:   It’s okay buddy.

FOERSTER:         (Sighs)

DAVIDSON:         You can do it Matt.

FOERSTER:         Oh fuck.

DAVIDSON:         I know you can.

HANGARTNER:   Gotta let it out Matt.

FOERSTER:         I approached her.  I talked to her for a few minutes.

DAVIDSON:         I can’t hear you buddy.

FOERSTER:         I talked to her for it seemed like a few minutes.  And then uh, I pushed her down I just told her just to keep quiet and she wouldn’t listen.  And I freaked out and I took off.  I was scared when I realized what I’d done.  I shouldn’t have been never been there.  I felt terrible about how how everything worked out since then.  I wish I could change it.  Turn back time, but I can’t.  I felt really bad for her and her family.  How everything worked out.  If I could, I’d take it all back.

HANGARTNER:   That’s what that family needs Matt.  That’s what they deserve to hear

FOERSTER:         I just like to say I was sorry.  I’m sorry to them, if that means anything.

DAVIDSON:         It means a lot.

FOERSTER:         I feel really bad.

DAVIDSON:         What did you hit her with Matt?

FOERSTER:         A flashlight.

DAVIDSON:         A flashlight.  What kinda flashlight?

FOERSTER:         Uh, it was a Mag Lite.

DAVIDSON:         Metal ones like?  How many times did you hit her?

FOERSTER:         I don’t know.  I can’t remember.

DAVIDSON:         More then once?

FOERSTER:         Yeah.

DAVIDSON:         Yeah.  When she was standing up or when she was down on the ground?

FOERSTER:         On the ground.

DAVIDSON:         What happened from, how did you get her from on the tracks into the bushes?

FOERSTER:         Just the scuffle and ended up over there.

DAVIDSON:         I know this is really hard Matt, and I know you’re doing really well, buddy.


DAVIDSON:         I know you are.  And I appreciate you telling me, what you’ve told so far and I know Mike does too, because he knows you’re getting it out.  I’m gonna ask you a tough question and I’m gonna be vague about it, okay.  Because this speaks to your your honor and your honesty.  I know that something else happened to Taylor.  What what is that?  What else did you do to her?  What else Matt?

FOERSTER:         I choked her.

DAVIDSON:         You choked her.  What did you use?  What did you use to choke her Matt?

FOERSTER:         My hands.

DAVIDSON:         Your hands?  When did that happen?

FOERSTER:         I was trying to keep her quiet.

DAVIDSON:         What else did you use to try and kill her?

FOERSTER:         I don’t know.

DAVIDSON:         Mmm.

FOERSTER:         I don’t know.

DAVIDSON:         What do you mean, you don’t know?  It’s okay buddy, what else what else did you use?

HANGARTNER:   It’s best just to get it out buddy.

DAVIDSON:         What else Matt?  What did you have with you?

FOERSTER:         A shoe lace.

DAVIDSON:         A shoe lace.  When did you put that around her neck?

FOERSTER:         I’m not sure.

DAVIDSON:         Right away?  When you came up from behind?

FOERSTER:         I can’t remember the time.

DAVIDSON:         That’s how you tried to control her, wasn’t it?  When you came up from behind her?

FOERSTER:         I just meant to keep her quiet, I didn’t want it to happen like this.

DAVIDSON:         Do you put it around her neck and tried to drag her into the bushes with it?

FOERSTER:         No.

DAVIDSON:         No?  How did the shoe lace go, tell me about that?

FOERSTER:         I can’t remember exactly.  I (inaudible) I guess I put it grabbed her that way one time I can’t remember exactly how it all worked out.  Uh, just basically all I can remember I’ve given you all I can remember.

DAVIDSON:         Where’s the flashlight, the shoe lace now?

FOERSTER:         It’s gone.

DAVIDSON:         What’s gone?  What’s that mean?

FOERSTER:         I put it in a dumpster in town.

DAVIDSON:         In which town?

FOERSTER:         In Vernon.

DAVIDSON:         In Vernon?

FOERSTER:         Yeah. 

DAVIDSON:         What were you wearing that night uh, Matt?

FOERSTER:         A coat, jeans.

DAVIDSON:         What kinda coat?

FOERSTER:         I can’t remember exactly.  A black coat.

DAVIDSON:         What kinda coat?

FOERSTER:         I don’t know, a coat.

DAVIDSON:         Do you still have that coat?  Where’s the coat?

FOERSTER:         Gone.  Same thing.

DAVIDSON:         In a dumpster?  Which dumpster in Vernon did you dump it in?

FOERSTER:         Uh..

DAVIDSON:         Like where is it located?

FOERSTER:         There’s a, one right by the liquor store.

DAVIDSON:         Which liquor store, sorry, I don’t know Vernon real well.  Like what road is it on?

FOERSTER:         Uh, it’s a the one right by, I’m trying to remember, I can’t remember exactly.  The one right by uh, the liquor store by the Overwaitea.  The grocery store.

DAVIDSON:         Oh, in the mall there?

FOERSTER:         Yeah.

DAVIDSON:         When you come into town?

FOERSTER:         I, I don’t have much else to tell you man.  I’m I’m drained.

DAVIDSON:         Where did you go after you dumped stuff in the dumpster?

FOERSTER:         Home.

DAVIDSON:         Like home home?

FOERSTER:         My place at the time.

DAVIDSON:         Like where you were living?  Where did you go after that that night?

FOERSTER:         Stayed home.

DAVIDSON:         Stayed home.  What injuries did you get from this?

FOERSTER:         Scratches.

DAVIDSON:         Whereabouts?

FOERSTER:         My neck.

DAVIDSON:         Your neck.  How bad was the scratch?

FOERSTER:         I don’t know.

DAVIDSON:         Like was it deep like bleeding or?

FOERSTER:         Yeah, it was.  Are we done?

HANGARTNER:   Buddy, I’m gonna go for a quick smoke.  Then I’m just gonna have
                              some quiet time with you, okay.

FOERSTER:         Okay.

DAVIDSON:         (inaudible) where are your smokes?

HANGARTNER:   There in the jacket out there.

DAVIDSON:         Why don’t I go get them to have right in here with him.


DAVIDSON:         You okay with that?

HANGARTNER:   That’s totally cool.

DAVIDSON:         You okay with him smoking in here Matt?  Do you smoke?

FOERSTER:         I could use a smoke right now.

DAVIDSON:         Do you smoke?

FOERSTER:         No.

DAVIDSON:         No.  (inaudible) hang tough for a sec, kay.

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