Female Mountie who had sex in police cruiser won't be further disciplined

VANCOUVER - The RCMP has revealed it won't pursue further disciplinary action against a female Mountie who said her superior sexually assaulted her in a police cruiser.

A statement posted on the British Columbia RCMP website says the decision in the case of Const. Susan Gastaldo was made over a year ago, but details only came to light this week.

An adjudication board originally found her guilty of conducting herself in a disgraceful manner bringing discredit to the RCMP for falsely accusing Staff Sgt. Travis Pearson of sexual assault and sending numerous sexually explicit text messages to the same officer.

Gastaldo, who was docked seven days' pay, appealed the board's ruling claiming that after rejecting Pearson's advances she was forced into a sexual relationship, but the board accepted Pearson's claims that the relationship was consensual.

The board decision was reviewed and overturned in June 2013 by RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson, who said the board was biased.

The police statement says assistant commissioner Craig Callens decided in September 2013 not to pursue further discipline against Gastaldo and the charges against her were withdrawn.

Editor's Note in response to allegations from Vernon RCMP Supt. Jim McNamara
Editor’s note: • Watch shifts at the Vernon detachment have fallen to as low as three roadable officers. • The department suffers from chronic understaffing. • Sources, who we trust and who have knowledge of the s

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