Feds to inform police if medical marijuana growers flout new rules

OTTAWA - Health Canada says it will tell police if medical marijuana users fail to formally declare they have disposed of their homegrown stashes — a requirement of strict new federal rules.

The department says it will share relevant information — including names and addresses of those who flout the new system — with law enforcement.

Under the existing program, people are issued licences to cultivate marijuana for personal use to help ease painful symptoms.

Beginning April 1, the government plans to allow only select commercial producers to grow marijuana under "secure and sanitary conditions" for distribution to medically approved patients by mail.

Health Canada says anyone other than a licensed producer growing marijuana after that date is breaking the law.

On Tuesday, several British Columbia residents will ask the Federal Court of Canada for an injunction that would allow them to continue producing their own pot or have a specially designated person do so for them.

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