Enderby gas station destroyed by fire

Windows were boarded up following yesterday's fire at the Super Save gas station in Enderby.

Four firetrucks were dispatched to battle a fire at the Supersave Gas station in Enderby early Monday morning.


Firefighters received a report of smoke and fire at the Hwy 97 and Canyon Rd. location at around 3 a.m. says Enderby and District Deputy Fire Chief, Shane Williamson.


"When we arrived, the structure was totally involved and we had to work hard to protect the propane and gas pumps," says Williamson. "Fortunately, we were able to take the fire down quickly and damage is to the building only."


Deputy Fire Chief Williamson says the investigation is ongoing but expects answers tomorrow from Work Safety, the Fire Investigators Office and Enderby and District Fire Department.


Police guided traffic around the scene while firefighters worked and will be called to help with the investigation if the fire is deemed suspicious.

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