Did you feel that?

Earthquakes Canada seismologist Alison Bird said Penticton felt the tremors from a 2.0 magnitude quake on Friday morning. The quake happened 17 kilometres west of the city and 10 kilometres below the Earth's surface. The star indicates the estimated epicentre of the quake.
Image Credit: Source/Earthquakes Canada


PENTICTON - If you felt all shook up on Friday, it wasn't the Penticton Elvis Festival in town this weekend, it was a small earthquake.

Alison Bird, a seismologist with Earthquakes Canada, says residents felt the tremors caused by a 2.0 magnitude quake occurring at 9:41 a.m. 17 kilometres west of Penticton. This was a shallow quake with the action happening 10 kilometres below the Earth's surface.

Bird says B.C.'s coast gets the most quakes. Haida Gwaii had a 7.7 magnitude quake in 2012 and 50,000 aftershocks afterwards. Vancouver Island once had a 9.0 magnitude quake also known as a megathrust earthquake in 1700.

She added while Penticton residents don't have to worry as much, it takes less magnitude to shake the shelves and rattle the windows in this area due to the relative thinness of the tectonic plate.

If you felt a quake or tremor you can fill out a questionnaire at Earthquake Canada's website.

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