Councillor hopeful wants public referendum on Ajax if elected

Mike O'Reilly is running for a councillor position with the City of Kamloops. The election will take place November 15.
Image Credit: Mike O'Reilly

KAMLOOPS - A small-business owner, vice-president of a television station and MS society chair member is hoping to secure another role in the community. Mike O’Reilly announced Monday morning he will be seeking a councillor position with the City of Kamloops.

Some of O’Reilly’s key platform items include: making Kamloops business friendly, redeveloping the North Shore to include more business including a government office and attracting more family doctors to the city.

Additional items include building an overpass to cross from student housing to TRU on Summit Drive and building a parkade on Lorne Street and 3 Avenue.

When it comes to the Ajax mine proposal, O’Reilly won’t confirm with media if he is for or against the project.

“With Ajax my short answer is that I support science and not theory,” O’Reilly said. “I’m looking for the research to be done, but at the end of the day I don’t believe it’s up to any one elected official to make a decision on Ajax. We need one solid voice for the City of Kamloops.”

O’Reilly said he supports a public engagement process. If elected, he plans to push for a referendum so community members can vote yes or no on the project.

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