Council approves public hearing for Lakeshore Drive tourism development

By Julie Whittet

Kelowna city councillors are reviewing the Official City Plan for a large commercial development on Lakeshore Drive, across from Rotary Beach.

Council passed a motion for the proposed large-scale retail, tourism and housing development in the site currently occupied by the Hiawatha RV Park to get first reading to public hearing March 26.

Councillor Robert Hobson said the project's proposed wetland restoration around Wilson Creek would help showcase “a great asset” of the city's natural environment. He also suggested the city needs a better picture of how current residents of the site will be relocated and explain how it plans to accommodate the increased traffic on Lakeshore Drive.

Mayor Walter Gray said construction of the development's planned boutique hotels must be timely enough to compete with other hotel developments planned in the South Pandosy area, near Manteo Resort.

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