City's graveyard needs expansion for new arrivals

Penticton city staff recommend Lakeview Cemetery get $1.3 million in upgrades.

PENTICTON - Penticton's graveyards are expected to get new life if council votes to spend $1.3 million on upgrades.

The plan is to make Lakeview and Fairview Cemeteries, as well as proposed new sites, fit for new internments for the next 25 years. Fairview should be restored and landscaped, city staff said in a report and Lakeview Cemetery needs its outdated irrigation system replaced, better screening of the crematorium and operations yard, an expansion of the southwest corner of the property and restoration of graves, monuments, fences and furniture.

Staff also want council approval at Monday night's council meeting for a new 10-acre cemetery plan on Munson Mountain property.

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