City’s ready for Old Man Winter

KELOWNA - While many residents might be wishing winter would hold off a bit longer, the City’s snow removal and sanding trucks are ready to keep snow and ice off municipal roads and sidewalks.

“Even before the snow comes down, City crews will be out preparing the roads to make snow and ice clearing easier and making the commute safer for everyone,” says Stephen Bryans, Roadways Operations Supervisor. “To help us out, we ask residents, especially those living in cul-de-sacs, to park their vehicle in their driveway or in the back alley before the snow falls. Crews are out in the early morning, before people are up for work, to clear the snow properly so residents can get around town safely.”

The City clears snow and de-ices municipal roads (excluding Highways 33 and 97) based on their priority status. Priority 1 includes main roads such as Gordon Drive. Priority 2 includes collector roads such as Richter Street, bus routes, school zones, town centres and emergency vehicle stations. Priority 3 includes local roads within neighbourhoods and priority 4 includes laneways.

Residents are responsible for clearing snow from their private driveway and the sidewalk fronting their property. However, many seniors, and those who are ill, injured, or have a disability are unable to shovel. The City encourages residents to lend a helping hand and become a Snow Buster… it’s the neighbourly thing to do. Residents can thank their Snow Buster by nominating them to win a pair of Kelowna Rockets tickets. To submit a nomination, visit the City’s transportation webpage, email, or send a letter to City of Kelowna Snow Busters Program, 1435 Water St., Kelowna, B.C., V1Y 1J4.

For regular inquiries and emergency plowing or sanding after regular business hours, please call 250-469-8600, option 1. For more information about snow removal, to download the Snow Removal Priorities Map, nominate a Snow Buster and view Snow Safety Tips, visit

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