Chief Clarence Louie wins election

Image Credit: (SOURCE/Facebook)

Clarence Louie will take his seat as Chief of the Osoyoos Indian Band for an 11th term after defeating challenger Alex Louie 192 to 43.

Louie was 24 when he first became chief in 1985 and only lost one election over the years. He started the Osoyoos Indian Band Development Corporation in 1988. His  numerous achievements include business awards and he was the recipient of the Order of British Columbia in 2004.

Five councillors were elected including four incumbents.

Yvonne Weinert 157
Ronny McGinnis 130 x
Tony Baptiste 118 x
Theresa Gabriel 121 x
Sandra Falkus 94

Charlotte Stringham 88 x
Leona Baptiste 83
Ramona Bent 78
Terry Baptiste 66
Mike Gallagher 51
Raylene Baptiste 48
Darlene George 32
Pauline George 26

x indicates the four incumbents—one seat added for this election due to population increase.

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