Boil water alert in effect for Falcon Ridge, Star Place

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The recent surge in spring snow melt is muddying the waters for residents of Star Place and Falcon Ridge.

The Regional District for the Central Okanagan is asking residents to boil their drinking water for at least one minute to eliminate any bacterial contents. Both the district and Interior Health say heavier turbidity in local waterways compromises the safety of drinking water, especially for children, eldery and those with weaker immune systems. 

Turbidity is believed to counter-act the disinfecting properties of chlorine, which could allow viruses, bacteria and parasites into the water system.

Interior Health is recommending the following water treatment procedures:

1.     Boil water for one minute (rolling boil) or,

2.     Disinfect water by adding two drops of plain, unscented household bleach per litre of water (double bleach for cloudy water) and let stand for 20 minutes or

3.     Use an alternate supply of water or commercially bottled water.

Once turbidity levels fall back within Canada's drinking water guidelines the boil notice will be removed.

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