B.C. legislature warned of heightened security concerns from Ottawa officials

Grade 5 children from Vancouver's St. Francis Xavier School wait on the B.C. legislature steps in Victoria, on Wednesday Oct. 22, 2014. The children were turned away from their planned visit following the shooting incidents on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.
Image Credit: THE CANADIAN PRESS/Dirk Meissner

VICTORIA - The clerk of British Columbia's legislature says some provincial politicians were warned this week about heightened security concerns from officials in Ottawa.

Craig James says officials at the legislature received information from Ottawa that there could be a problem and he briefed several elected members of the provincial legislature.

Security has been tightened at B.C.'s legislature and most of the public is being kept out of the building after a gunman opened fire on Parliament Hill.

Provincial sergeant-at-arms Gary Lenz says the recent threats were shared among those in charge of security at Canadian parliaments and did not involve the B.C. legislature, which was the focus of a failed bombing attack on Canada Day 2013.

Premier Christy Clark is expected to make a statement later, but tweeted that the province stands with all of Canada and the brave men and women keeping our capital safe against the violence in Ottawa.

A gunman opened fire on a solder at the National War Memorial, then crossed the street and injured a security guard on Parliament Hill before he was reportedly shot dead by a sergeant-at-arms.

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