Alleged Hells Angel should go to trial on theft, extortion charges: B.C. court

VANCOUVER - B.C.'s highest court has reversed a stay on criminal charges for an alleged full-patch member of the Hells Angels and sent the case back to trial.

Robert Frederick Widdifield was accused of extortion and theft, in connection to a stolen boat.

His trial was set for October 2012, then again a month later and finally for October 2013.

In June last year, B.C. Supreme Court Justice Robert Johnston stayed the charges, ruling that the Crown was responsible 18 months in delays.

However, B.C. Court of Appeals Justice David Frankel has now ruled that Johnston was mistaken, and the Crown was responsible for only five months of delays, while 11 months of postponements can be blamed on the unavailability of defence counsel.

Frankel says Widdifield's right to be tried in a reasonable amount of time was not infringed upon and the court has referred the case back to trial.

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