Air Canada takeoff in Calgary aborted after fire breaks out in engine

Image Credit: The Canadian Press

CALGARY - It was a scary moment for passengers aboard Air Canada flight AC130 headed from Calgary to Toronto after a small-engine fire broke out.

The flight had to abort takeoff Friday and some passengers reported hearing a large boom from one side of the plane.

Fire crews were called to the scene but by the time they arrived the fire was out.

Fire department spokeswoman Carol Henke said the fire was in the engine of the plane.

She said heat cameras were used to check for any hot spots and fire crews escorted the plane back to the hangar as a precaution.

She said there were no injuries.

Those aboard the flight were told that the engine had stalled and that they would be forced to return to terminal.

Some passengers took to Twitter to describe the incident.

"That was terrifying," tweeted Beth Allan, who also posted photos of crews checking out the plane. "Don't know what's happening. Big boom sound as we tried to take off. Shaking."

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