After grad tragedy in Prince George, two teens drowned

Kendall Moore is one of the victims identified in social media.
Image Credit: Facebook


PRINCE GEORGE - RCMP are investigating the deaths of 2 teens after a vehicle went into a lake west of Prince George.

Officers say police responded to distress calls at Kwitzil Lake early Sunday morning and believe that two teenagers were in a vehicle that went into what locals call Gravel Pit Lake.

Police say the area was the site of a large graduation party Saturday night and Sunday morning.

Prince George Search and Rescue were called in to help find the vehicle in the lake.

An RCMP recovery team removed the bodies of two people.

While the police haven't released the victims identities, friends on social media have identified the pair as DP Todd Secondary grads Kendall Moore and Craig Woods. The high school's prom was on Saturday.

On the school's Twitter account a message talked about the tragedy saying, "breathe deep and take care" and adding that counselling services would be available at the school on Tuesday.

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