A proposal on the big screen under the stars, in front of hundreds of people

Tony Tomson asked his girlfriend Stacey Lamont (AKA Lumen #29) to marry him at the Starlight Drive-In.
Image Credit: Tony Tomson

ENDERBY - Risking public humiliation before a massive crowd if she said no, Tony Tomson popped the question.

The dramatic moment played out at the Starlight Drive-In July 2, the same place Tomson and his girlfriend Stacey Lamont finished their first date three years ago to the day. It was a hard first date to top — starting at a waterfall near Salmon Arm (Margaret Falls), then gelato at Pink Cherry coffee shop, followed by dinner at Barley Brew Pub and a movie at the drive-in — so Tomson and Lamont repeat it every year.

With the help of drive-in staff, Tomson arranged to have a homemade video run on the big screen just prior to showtime.

“Stacey kept wanting to get up for popcorn and I’m like, sit, sit,” Tomson says.

He’d been planning the elaborate proposal for nearly a year, now he just had to keep Lamont in front of the screen and hope she’d say yes.

The video began with the words “I need someone’s attention” and proceeded with a series of hints.

Her hair matches this font (purple)

Sparkling grey eyes

She lives in Revelstoke

Is probably blushing right now

Until finally, the words “Lumen #29 Will you marry me?” flashed across the screen.

Somewhere in the audience in a PT Cruiser, amid a chorus of cheering and honking and flashing lights, Lumen #29 (Lamont’s Roller Derby name) was blushing, crying, and saying yes to the question she was waiting to be asked.

“I was very excited and a lot more overwhelmed than I thought I would be. You picture the man you love asking, and I always thought I’d tear up but I bawled for a good 20 minutes,” Lamont says. “It’s still really exciting.”

Drive-in staff seemed just as excited as they posted a picture of the happy couple that night. To their knowledge, Tomson was the first person with enough guts to propose at the drive-in.

“I had to call my family at 12 p.m. because I didn’t want them to find out on Facebook,” Lamont says with a laugh.

Tomson and Lamont haven’t decided what year they’ll be getting married, but they know what day it will be, July 2.

Video Credit: Tony Tomson

She said yes: Tony Tomson and Stacey Lamont at the Starlight Drive-In concession.
She said yes: Tony Tomson and Stacey Lamont at the Starlight Drive-In concession.
Image Credit: Starlight Drive-In

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