2015 West Kelowna Citizens’ Survey in the Mail

Image Credit: Contributed

The eighth annual Citizens’ Survey is now in the mail to one thousand randomly-selected West Kelowna residents who have until May 29 to respond.

The survey is one of the tools West Kelowna Council uses in setting priorities for the municipality during budget deliberations and the findings from the survey provide statistically-accurate information about how taxpayers of West Kelowna evaluate municipal services.

Residents are asked to comment on quality and importance on a variety of services. The data is then broken down into a graph that clearly indicates when a larger than normal discrepancy exists between service level and importance and whether a service exceeds, meets or falls short of taxpayers' expectations. With seven years of results now available, trends can be observed on what services may be declining or increasing in quality.

As in previous years, the 2015 survey was created using District of West Kelowna staff and supplies with just printing and mailing costs incurred. Similar polls cost thousands of dollars.

The deadline for submission is Friday, May 29. If you didn't receive a survey in the mail, you can obtain a copy by visiting the District’s website, www.districtofwestkelowna.ca/citizenssurvey or pick one up at Municipal Hall, 2760 Cameron Road, West Kelowna.

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