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  • Why so many Interior families have to choose between work and family

    KAMLOOPS - Brent McFarlen is an electrician and a dad. But for the last six months, since he and his family moved to Kamloops from the Lower Mainland, it's been a challenge to be both at the same time.
  • Unemployment in Kelowna continues to climb

    KELOWNA – A month after a Bank of Montreal report declared Kelowna the second worst city in Canada to find a job, employment numbers continue to fall in Kelowna’s fastest growing city.
  • Unemployment ticks upward in Central Okanagan

    KELOWNA - Unemployment in the Central Okanagan has jumped in the last six months however the number of job hunters remains well below the national average.
McDONALD: Pipeline furor pits provinces, families against one another
  OPINION My first experience with the so-called Alberta Advantage was as a high school dropout in the late 1970s. I was born and raised in Edmonton, yet remained largely unaware of the oil industry and how it hel

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