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  • More to Penticton bridge project than meets the eye

    PENTICTON - As bridges go, one wouldn’t think the new Satik bridge currently under construction at Green Avenue and the Channel Parkway in Penticton would be a very complicated project.
  • Shortlist announced for patient care tower construction

    PENTICTON - A list of six companies with potential to work on the patient care tower at Penticton General Hospital has been whittled down to three, inching the project closer to completion.
  • KOOPMANS TRIAL: Two shot dead for revenge: Crown

    PENTICTON — Two people from Princeton were shot to death and another was seriously wounded because the gunman was "crushed" and betrayed by his belief they broke into his home and stole from him, a Crown prosecutor told the jury today, Feb. 25, in the opening of the murder trial of John Ike Koopmans.
  • RCMP helicopter permanently flying north

    THOMPSON-OKANAGAN – Don't expect to see RCMP helicopters flying overhead as often going forward, a Kamloops-based RCMP helicopter will be handed over to the North District this April leaving only one to cover the entire district.
THOMPSON: Trump either guilty or innocent of being Putin pawn
  OPINION There is no midway point between guilt and innocence. One can be guilty or innocent. You cannot be a little bit guilty…or a little bit innocent. It’s like being a little bit pregnant. So, an

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